5. Wings or No Wings

Hello Degrassholes and happy Friday the 13th! Are you feeling superstitious? You should! Because today you will be unluckily subjected to two episodes featuring a lot – A LOT – of Emma “Hurt People Hurt People” Nelson and Ashley “Hurt People Hurt People” Kerwin. First up, Nina covers the 9th episode of Season 1, “Coming of Age” in which Emma gets her period for the first time. There’s also an A plot about Ashley but no one cares about it. We’re talking shitty birthdays, Sean Cameron’s suspected love of shark week, and learn that there is in fact a disrespectful way to eat chicken wings.

Next, Morgan hosts the frustrating episode that is “Rumors and Reputations.” Why does Emma continue to insert herself in situations she’s too stupid to understand? And how is Ashley still somehow the worst? Have you ever found an earwig in your food? Mostly, we discuss #BadBitchTerri shutting down Emma in the way only #QueenBeeTerri can.

Can one of your hosts be the Clare of the episode? Did you want a really bare bones lesson regarding the laws surrounding free feminine products in public schools? Listen for all this and more!

Grab a drink or two or three (because these episodes are trying), some buffalo wings, and we know you can make it through!


Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino

4. Ball is Life

Hey frosh! Welcome back to another week of Degrassi: The Next Generation! Unfortunately, that week includes discussing episodes 7 and 8 of Season 1, “Basketball Diaries” and “Secret and Lies”, neither of which deserve any awards. Your hosts Natasha and Stephan do their very best to guide us through these two mediocre episodes. First up is a Jimmy-centric episode, which does nothing to convince us that the writers of this show attempted to give Jimmy Brooks any discernible character traits other than “good at basketball.” Listen to us try to talk about sports. No really, it’s cute.

Next up, in “Secrets and Lies”, not only do we learn that Ashley’s dad is gay, you’ll also get a crash course in the (likely in)correct syllable count of haiku. Is the word “idea” two syllables or three? Finally, it wouldn’t be a true episode of our show without a digression into the embarrassing fan fiction we all wrote as teenagers (and if you listen to this podcast, it’s a safe bet you wrote some too), the ever-present clinking of our wine glasses, and at least 1-2 off-topic conversations about #QueenBeeTerry.

So grab your drinks, some poutine, and enjoy!

Live, Laugh, and Liberty Van Zandt,

Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino

3. “There Was no Cool Toby!”

Welcome back to another episode of Last Shift at The Dot! This week, our dear hosts, Perino and Morgan, tackle the giant steaming pile of dog shit that is the next two episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Season 1, “Parents Day” and “The Mating Game”. Again, who thought Toby and Ashley-centric episodes were a good idea? While we do our best to make sense of the ridiculous notion that Ashley should get an agent and put to rest Perino’s theory of a “cool Toby”, we also address the following questions:

Did Jeff and Ann Marie Isaacs’ marriage end due to infidelity and how did Jeff end up with custody of Toby?

Did only one of us actually receive Sex-Ed during our schooling?

Why are Nina, Natasha, and Morgan so eager to learn to pee standing up?

And finally, is Tim Horton’s the best thing to come from Canada, eh?

So grab a seat, grab a drink, and pour one out for Mama Onu!


Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino

2. “Boobage, here we come!”

Hey Degrassholes and welcome to the next episode of Last Shift at the Dot! This week, we’re discussing the horrendous “Family Politics” episode (who thought a Toby and Ashley-centric episode so early on, or ever, was a good idea?) followed by season classic, “Eye of the Beholder”. We’ll talk about early internet family-caught-us-with-porn experiences, whether or not any of us have been classy enough to try sherry, Natasha regales us with a tale of ordering a $9 cup of broth in NYC, and if you make it through all that (we know you can!), the scintillating drama that is Paige’s sabotage of Terry and Spinner’s burgeoning romance (It.Was.Never.About.The.Notes.) 

So pull up a seat, take a shot every time Jimmy condescendingly mentions Sean having to repeat 7th grade, and enjoy!


Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino

1. “Keep the Cyber Stalkers out of Her Room”

Hey Degrassholes and welcome to the very first official episode of Last Shift at the Dot! We’re starting from the first episode hard and strong. “Mother and Child Reunion”, Parts 1 and 2, in which we play a round of To Catch a Jordan. We’ll talk about how nobody except Perino knows the song this episode is titled after, Spike’s bad parenting, the unparalleled mess that is Caitlyn Ryan, and judge Emma for the first of a lifetime of truly bad decisions. And is pizza from Toronto truly worth putting your life on the line for?

So stay tuned, make it through, and put on your paisley jackets!


Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino