We’re just a conglomerate of Degrassi loving millennials who met on a tropical island and haven’t seemed to evolve beyond the need for awesomely bad teen dramas. The king of those dramas is the best thing to have come out of Canada……Degrassi: The Next Generation. 

Together we’ll deep dive into some over dramatic, and sometimes cheesy plotlines, full of characters we all love, hate, and love to hate. We’re a recap podcast, a theme based discussion podcast, a love filled podcast, a haterade podcast. But most importantly, we’re a Degrassi podcast through and through. 


Most likely to punch Derek.
“What, no funny jokes? You’re not much of a comedian outside of class, are you?”


Most likely to run into the ocean.
“So what, you just kiss Craig?”


Most likely to kiss Craig.
“Poor thing.”


Most likely to choose Mom’s pasta sauce over Hazel.
“Well, memorize lines we must. Angry Simpson will be.”


Most likely to date a Marco.
“Radishes, radishes, not so sweet, red and round and gross to eat.