13. “Excitement makes me fart.”

So we made it to lucky number 13! And you know what? We kinda are feeling lucky because this episode features the least amount of Emma we can possibly hope for (yet she still manages to piss us off this week!). Season 2, Episode 6 is titled “Drive” and your host Nina leads us through an episode most remembered for the Spinner fart that dear Marco had to unjustifiably sit in the backseat with. At least that’s what your hosts most remember about this useless episode.

And if that weren’t enticing enough, the B plot is an Ashley one, where she continues to find novel ways to rival Emma in being the absolute worst.

Along the way, we discuss everything we can only assume you pressed play on this episode for:

  1. Memories of our childhood sleepovers
  2. Our apparently collective “10th grade Wiccan phase” where the majority of our weekends were spent in the New Age section of Borders Books and Music (you know exactly what we’re talking about if you’re someone listening to this podcast)
  3. Kate Kerwin’s secret piercings (this is not speculation, we all know Kate is that bitch)
  4. Falling into a Pat Mastroianni hole (against our better judgement)
  5. George Buza’s (Atilla!) prolific career
  6. Ashley Kerwin is definitely an anti-vaxxer, y/y?

and much, much more!

So grab a can of Easy Cheese spray cheese (or don’t, because you deserve better), your Kid Elrick tickets, and enjoy the drive (in your hopefully non-Jeremiah Motors vehicle!)


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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