12. “The pu**y ain’t that good, Archie.”

Happy Saturday everyone! Yeah, we’re late on this release but your hosts got a little bit lit together in person last week. And honestly, maybe we spared you.

Because this is an Emma episode.

Season 2, Episode 5 is titled “Weird Science” and our lovely host Natasha guides us through the absolute shit show that is the Grade 8 science fair. We discuss our own science fair experiences, remember the character that was Nadia, ask why JT’s tortilla tit project was OK’d at this school, and damn it Emma, NOT EVERYONE LIKES GRANOLA AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

By the way, the B plot this episode is not for the faint-hearted as it involves Spinner…and his boner.

A classic Degrassi episode such as this can only mean a classic Last Shift episode:

1. Do we talk (at length) about Snake and Spike’s sex life? Check.

2. Do we talk about different flavors of chicken wings at the very end of an episode where it is, once again, completely irrelevant? Check.

3. Do we talk about Swimfan even though 3/5 of us haven’t even watched that movie? Absolutely.

You know the drill: Grab a drink, a Nature Valley granola bar (or any food that tastes like happy!), and remember that there is no sex good enough for dealing with Emma.

Live, Laugh, and Liberty Van Zandt (Agent of Chaos),

Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino

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