11. Hurt People Hurt People, Part I

Get ready folks! This week on the podcast, if it isn’t the consequences of Ashley’s actions (coming back to haunt her whiny ass).

Your host, Perino (our resident Toby correspondent), guides us through Season 2, Episode 4, “Karma Chameleon” in which Ashley embarks on an ill-fated apology tour after her disastrous experimentation with ecstasy last season. Did you think any of us, let alone Paige “Definitely a Scorpio” Michalchuk, would forget about Ashley “Hurt People Hurt People” Kerwin calling her a hag? Along the way, we meet “Cool Ellie” (another one of Perino’s fabrications?) as well as Kendra, one of only two girls we ever see fall under the spell of the equally fictional “Cool Toby.”

Oh yeah, by the way, if an Ashley A-plot weren’t bad enough, you’ve just been warned that this episode contains a Toby B-plot – so pour your drinks accordingly for this one.

Throughout this episode, we discuss important topics such as bathroom etiquette, the earth-shattering and reputation-ruining power of a Terri MacGregor eye roll (#QueenBeeTerri), our continued speculation of what exactly happened between Sean and Ashley when they hooked up (Like Craig, we’re gossips and nosey, let us live!), and…The Human Centipede?

Also, side note: Shut up, Jimmy.

As always, grab a sweet cocktail to pair with this episode (because witnessing Ashley’s downfall is downright delicious), hide your hentai, and never forget that everything is always Ashley’s fault (if it’s not Emma’s).


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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