9. Craig’s Dead Mom (Has Got It Goin’ On)

Trigger Warning: This episode deals with a storyline about child abuse. Some listeners may find this content disturbing and we advise they skip these episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation as well as this episode of the podcast.

Dear listeners, today we begin our journey through Season 2 of Degrassi: The Next Generation with the episodes “When Doves Cry” parts 1 and 2 (hosted by Natasha)! We are introduced to the character of Craig Manning, a student at the school with an abusive father. Despite the heavy subject matter (which we discuss at length, so please heed the trigger warning above) and these episodes ostensibly being about Craig, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time on the following subjects:

  • The pot roast Dr. Manning serves for dinner and his use of an electric carver.
  • Our very likely theory of how Joey Jeremiah and Julia Manning met.
  • The trifecta of creepy places Craig goes to photograph a child: the playground, their preschool, and the graveyard where their mother is buried.
  • Whether or not Chantay was actually an undercover agent at Degrassi (Is that why she was there for so long? Wait, why are we talking about Chantay again?).
  • The adults of this saga and namely, their sex lives.
  • And of course, our problematic crush on Dr. Manning. Don’t @ us. Or do. And while you’re at it, please rate and review the podcast and tell us which Degrassi parent you inexplicably have the hots for so we feel less alone.

So grab a drink, be mindful of the fact that we definitely kept forgetting there was a B plot in these episodes, and we wouldn’t be the concerned and attentive hosts we are if we didn’t remind you to watch your fucking ears around Sean Cameron.


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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