8. “Let’s pretend we don’t have these sh***y kids.”

We did it, kids! We made it to the last episode of the season and if you took a glance at the length of this episode you must already know it’s a doozy! This week your host Stephan leads the gang (along with special guest TéQuan!) on the absolutely bonkers journey that is Ashley “hurt people hurt people” Kerwin’s first (and possibly last) ecstasy trip in the season 1 finale, “Jagged Little Pill”. It’s the end of the school year and you know what that means: an episode where all the characters on the show come together inexplicably at one kid’s house for a party bound to end badly (our favorite kind of episode!).

Having so many characters in a room together gives us a lot to discuss but this episode has left us with more questions than answers in the way only a Degrassi episode can:

Where did Jeff Isaacs and Kate Kerwin run off to for the weekend and why is it a marital therapy retreat?

Why did Spinner bring a watermelon to a party and more importantly, why did he leave the party with it intact?

Are prank phone calls a lost art form?

Is “hag” really the worst thing Paige has ever been called?

Why is Toby?

So cheers to the summer, our wonderful special guest TéQuan (@nrmlyoga), the end of Season 1, as well as the end of Ashley Kerwin’s unjustifiable reign as Queen Bee at Degrassi (Rise #QueenBeeTerri)! And always remember to BYOTP to any parties from now on!

A B C D E FU Ashley Kerwin,

Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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