6. “I’m tired of feeling like Miss Kwan.”

Oh boy! We made it to two Emma-centric episodes, one of which where Emma shouldn’t even really be the main character (because that should ALWAYS be Manny Santos) but she’s Emma so she will make this about her. First up is “Friday Night” where Perino guides us through the absolute disaster that is Emma and Sean’s first date as well as the infuriating B plot where Spinner and Jimmy get “revenge” on a woman juggling multiple jobs, a sick husband, and at least 30 or so piece of shit kids each day in class. Are we older than Miss Kwan? And more importantly, is it ESL, ASL, or “Eh”-SL? Also Rule #1: You gotta let your co-hosts know if you’re about to improv!

Next up is probably one of the worst episodes of the season/series due mostly to a B plot involving Spinner, Toby, JT, and Liberty all getting basic math wrong and eating way too much chips. We also get a lot of Manny being adorable and Emma seething about it in her green with jealousy Shakespearean villain turtleneck. How much do we love Cassie Steele? Enough that one of us had a Manny Santos blue thong birthday cake last year. Enough that several of us may or may not have purchased Ms. Steele’s Hot Lava (this is not spon but we’re open to it!) thong collection. Enough to get through this episode.

And if this episode sounds convoluted, it has absolutely nothing to do with us being drunk. That would be irresponsible. It really is all the fault of the episodes. Really. We would never.

So put on your bluest thong, grab a can of Pringles, and think about how adulthood is essentially summed up in the image of Miss Kwan crying outside her car after working too late and having nothing left to give.


Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino

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