2. “Boobage, here we come!”

Hey Degrassholes and welcome to the next episode of Last Shift at the Dot! This week, we’re discussing the horrendous “Family Politics” episode (who thought a Toby and Ashley-centric episode so early on, or ever, was a good idea?) followed by season classic, “Eye of the Beholder”. We’ll talk about early internet family-caught-us-with-porn experiences, whether or not any of us have been classy enough to try sherry, Natasha regales us with a tale of ordering a $9 cup of broth in NYC, and if you make it through all that (we know you can!), the scintillating drama that is Paige’s sabotage of Terry and Spinner’s burgeoning romance (It.Was.Never.About.The.Notes.) 

So pull up a seat, take a shot every time Jimmy condescendingly mentions Sean having to repeat 7th grade, and enjoy!


Stephan, Natasha, Morgan, Nina, and Perino

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