25. “Marco couldn’t keep a straight face.”

Trigger Warning: This episode deals with a storyline about sexual assault and rape. Some listeners may find this content disturbing and we advise they skip these episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation as well as this episode of the podcast.

Hello Degrassholes and happy spooky season! In the spirit of spooky…BOO! Dean’s back! SO sorry about that but unfortunately our A plot for Season 2, Episode 20, “How Soon Is Now” involves the return of those rich assholes from Bardell High to Degrassi’s hallowed halls for some basketball tournament. Paige is making progress with her healing journey by attending counseling sessions at school until she learns that she may have to come face to face yet again with Dean. Poor girl can’t catch a break this season.

Our not-much-happier B plot finds Ellie and Marco working on a group project together involving a perfume ad? Whatever, Media Immersion is a fake class. If you don’t recall (because Marco certainly doesn’t), he and Ellie are “dating” as he navigates his sexuality and how and if he wants to come out to his other friends. Unfortunately, as usual, Ellie can’t take a damn hint and the group project is thrown into chaos when she decides (quite wrongly and to the detriment of their grades and our viewing pleasure) that a Bollywood themed perfume ad starring Heather Sinclair was too much of a gay agenda for the Nash family.

Along the way, we tackle some discussions that maybe should have been left on the cutting room floor (but where’s the fun in that?) such as:

  • Awkward group projects in school. Was it our teachers’ way of trolling by always pairing us with someone who was the absolute worst match for us in the classroom? Just wondering all these years later…
  • How amazing a power couple would Paige and Jimmy have been? Why was this never explored?
  • Speaking of interesting couples the writers didn’t explore and thus could have spared us from the interminable Spinner-Paige pairing, why do JT and Paige have so much chemistry though? Wouldn’t that have been fun? Just us?
  • We ask this every episode she makes an appearance in this season but what in The Crow rejected costumes hell was Ashley wearing?

So grab a pumpkin spice latte (maybe with a dash of cinnamon whiskey? Try it – have we ever led you astray?), your best carving knife for the pumpkin you’ll need to angrily decimate every time this show insists on giving Ashley unwarranted screentime, and enjoy the episode!


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