24. “Clearly the Clare here is Monsanto.”

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! But so is an Emma A plot. Yep, not going to sugarcoat shit. And it is by far one of the worst Emma A plots in history as one could tell if they somehow managed to get through this whole episode. All you need to know is Emma is on her soapbox this week pontificating on something that she, once again, actually knows nothing about.

Snake is watching Emma for the week while Spike pretends she’s not on a girls holiday. “Their relationship is weird in this episode and I don’t like it.” declares Perino and thus begins our journey into the A plot of Emma protesting genetically modified foods which sure, sure, sure a pressing issue…but is it as important as dissecting the weird vibes between Emma and Snake this episode? Surely not!

The B plot manages to be more interesting and less uncomfortable, cementing this episode as one of those instances where the A plot remains largely forgotten whilst the B plot has implications that carry on into future seasons. Jimmy’s dad just bought him a bunch of new expensive shit and Spinner is jealous. These two “best friends” then proceed to have yet another fight that makes us wonder if there ever was a time they actually liked one another.

Along the way we have extensive discussions on a myriad of topics (such as 90s baby doll toys and how no one ever gifted us a Baby Alive for better or for worse) and ask the hard hitting questions Ellie would never dream of tackling in her budding journalism career such as:

  • Does anyone actually believe Spike’s at a hair stylist convention? I mean, we’ve seen her work in other episodes of this show. Is she even licensed?
  • We’ve definitely led you astray before but is this ACTUALLY Nadia’s last appearance on the show?
  • How many of Jimmy’s birthdays has Mr. Brooks missed?
  • And somehow…this leads to a discussion on cannibalism. Just go with it. Maybe not the content you came for but the content you stay for.

So as Stephan would say, “Give me a wolf! Give me a puffin!” Hell, give us some Sheila Sauce because we were so hungry this recording session we’d probably eat it, and enjoy the ride!

Affectionally, your favorite bitches,

Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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