23. Hurt People Hurt People, Part II

Happy Summer, Degrassholes! We hope it’s been a sunny and fun one thus far because we’re back with a new episode about the one thing sadder than it raining on the beach day you played hooky for: Ashley Kerwin.

Nina hosts Season 2, Episode 18, “Dressed in Black”, this week and we wish we could tell you it was a treat and that despite an Ashley A plot, this episode was a lot of fun.

But we can’t. Because the B plot involves Toby Isaacs and condoms.

Ashley and Jimmy are back together! Yay, right? LOL JK. She wouldn’t be Ashley if she didn’t immediately ruin something positive in her life (beginning to think she and Craig really did deserve one another) with constant unwarranted criticism and a profound lack of self-awareness. Despite their rekindled romance, Ashley and Jimmy are having a hard time seeing eye to eye on her new look and even more aggressive nagging. Will Jimmy finally tame this shrew? And if not Jimmy, can someone else put us out of our misery and do it? Anyone? I suppose Season 3 Craig does but I digress…

Meanwhile, Dr. Sally decides to fake her death because she didn’t want to deal with JT and Toby finally getting a sex talk from a professional. Smart woman! The two aforementioned dweebs then decide to buy condoms despite their chances of getting laid being even more remote than Anchor/SpotifyforPodcasters finally giving us our promised advertisements. Hilarity doesn’t ensue as it should because again, this plot involves Toby Isaacs and condoms.

Along the way, we sprinkle in discussions and questions to allow us to deal with both these annoying storylines:

  • Songs we hate even more than the Ashley one that opens this episode
  • The introduction of Sully aka “Great Value Peter” in the words of Morgan
  • Finding the good…in Spinner? (We surprise even ourselves sometimes!)
  • And most importantly, did Toby graduate a virgin?

So grab a drink, a bowl of Jeff Isaacs’ lukewarm Kraft dinner, and remember, in the words of Stephan, THERE ARE ALWAYS FREE CONDOMS. Stay safe, Degrassholes!


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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