22. “Because you’re the weakest link!”

Happy MDW Degrassholes! We’re back (did you think you had gotten rid of us so easily?) with a new episode just in time for the long weekend! Unfortunately, all of the build up and anticipation and bated breath over the last month has only led to… Season 2, Episode 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation aka “Relax” aka “The one where we all realize we don’t know anything about Napoleon, the French Revolution, or really any history at all.” Thank you, US education system.

In this very, very, stupid episode (many thanks to Morgan for hosting this hot mess), our A plot involves Liberty overcompensating for failing to make the floor hockey team by emulating a dictator, in which the only silver lining are some peak Kendra moments (we miss you, girl). Our B plot somehow manages to be even dumber as it recycles the “Terri isn’t a professional tarot card/palm reader” plot from last season.

Along the way, we tackle only the most pressing questions such as:

  • Was there no other business in the greater Toronto metropolitan area that could sponsor the floor hockey team? Surely, Mr. Brooks or Mr. Manning (may his soul not rest in peace) could have spared 1/3 of their hourly rate for this shit.
  • Who asked you, Ashley?
  • Could this episode have been better if the B plot turned out to be both Paige AND Terri faking their belief in the former’s imminent demise?
  • And lastly, would it be correct to assume that Natasha’s summary of Napoleon’s significance in history comes down to him “trying to start some drama and stir up some shit.”? Because again, that’s the extent of our understanding. Don’t come for us, France.

So grab your finest cape, a 7th grade World History textbook, and never forget to “do a 360 before you tell the goss.” You just never know if Emma or Ashley is around eavesdropping.


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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