21. “Two white people making sushi? In 2002?”

Hey Degrassholes! It’s been a minute but we’re back with Season 2, Episode 16, “Message in a Bottle”. Your host, Natasha, guides us through the rare Sean-centric episode, made even rarer by the fact that Emma isn’t the biggest asshole for once. That’d be Spike, so…close enough.

Our A plot concerns Sean going to Emma’s house for dinner with the parents and things colossally going downhill for him anytime Spike says something more inane than the last thing she’s said. Our B plot is unfortunately about Jimmy and Ashley and the possibility of them reconciling. Ew. But hey, in the words of Jay Hogart, “At least there’s a party.” And nothing’s better than a Degrassi house party where our A and B plots collide.

Except for maybe episodes without Ashley. Yeah. Those are definitely better…But I digress.

Along the way we ask the big questions that must be on everyone’s minds:

  • Was this Sean’s first time getting drunk?
  • How twisted was Snake at this dinner and was that his way of coping with Spike too?
  • Is Tracker played by Isaac Hanson? (We thought so in 2002 and we are standing by that theory in 2023. ) Of Degrassi’s house party episodes, which party seemed the funnest?
  • Are Spinner’s only insightful moments throughout the run of this series the instances where he warns Jimmy about how godawful Ashley is to be around?
  • Is it possible Sean was throwing up because the sushi was made by Christine and Archie (Gotta use their real names for this question to drive the point home)? Yeah, half a bottle of tequila is bad and all but…could it be worse than Spike in the kitchen?
  • So grab a drink (a white wine or Sprite bottle full of stolen Casamigos pair nicely with this episode), a pillow to scream in whenever Spike says something stupid, and for the love of God, just order a pizza if introducing someone you’re dating to the fam. Enjoy!


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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