19. Kate Kerwin: A Woman After Our Own Hearts

Hey Degrassholes! We’re back with our first episode of 2023 and even though we’re down three hosts this week, we are still here to give you everything you came for! And we’re really hoping you’re here for an A-plot about Marco that is unfortunately overshadowed by how awful every other character is in this episode (minus Kendra. Kendra never disappoints.) If that’s not what you’re here for…well, that’s what you’re getting anyway.

Stephan guides us this week through Season 2, Episode 14 “Careless Whisper” which also gives us our first Marco Del Rossi A-plot! It’s been a while since Ellie and Marco told each other they like one another and Ellie wants to take their friendship to the next level. However, Marco has a secret and his friends and Ellie are damn well making sure he doesn’t have the space and time to come to terms with it in peace.

That said, THIS IS AN EMMA-FREE EPISODE. We repeat: THIS IS AN EMMA-FREE EPISODE. Yes, there’s still Toby but we can’t have it all and a small win is still a win. Speaking of small wins, how nice was it to see Kendra completely destroy any shred of self-esteem Toby may ever have had with just an eye-roll? #JusticeForKendra #WhereIsKendra

Along the way we discuss a myriad of topics that mostly have nothing to do with the episode:

  • Our worst crash and burn relationships.
  • Do you really need to play shirts and skins when there’s only 4 people playing?
  • How did the Gulf War end? Are we smarter when we’re drinking?
  • Would an air fryer change Kate Kerwin’s life? We think so.
  • Do we talk at length about our favorite Degrassi mom (hence the episode title) despite her not being in the episode? Yes, and we have nothing to apologize for!
  • Oh hey, nice to see you again, Dr. Sally!
  • And yes, we still found a way to drag Emma in an Emma-free episode. Old habits die hard.

So grab a glass of water from the upstairs kitchen at Ashley’s house, decorate your crush’s locker to their dismay (quite the theme this season!), and never forget that we don’t need an excuse to name an episode after Kate Kerwin.


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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