16. C is for Craig who Choked on Cotton Candy

Hello Degrassholes – we’ve missed you! We’re back with one of our favorite episodes of Season 2 (which also happens to be one of the few good ones this season), “Take My Breath Away”, hosted by our very own Morgan! Sweet little Manny Santos is going on her first date with Craig Manning but things take a turn when after the date, both of them have a different version of how well it went. Meanwhile, our B plot involves Ellie cryptically trying to convey (in a way only a mall goth can) to Marco that she has a crush on him. But Stephan’s favorite, Hazel, may throw a wrench into Ellie’s plan.

This episode brings about a lot of different opinions amongst our hosts as we discuss topics such as:

  • Was Marco just really dumb or did he know it was Ellie the whole time?
  • Perino finally repenting for ever thinking there was a “Cool Toby”. But is it enough? Is it?
  • Speaking of, this episode is also the decline of any notion of “Cool Ellie”.
  • Aren’t baboons always naked?
  • Our armchair psychologists analyses of Craig Manning’s mommy issues.
  • Our most debated “Who was the Clare?” yet.

And oh hey, Emma isn’t the biggest cockblock of an episode! That honor goes to none other than Angie.

So grab an Edward Gorey book, decorate a locker of someone you’re obsessed with, and enjoy this episode!

P.S. Forgive us for the audio quality, it’s Anchor’s fault.


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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