14. “Sry 2 Bail, Grandma in Jail”

Trigger Warning: This episode deals with a storyline about sexual assault and rape. Some listeners may find this content disturbing and we advise they skip these episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation as well as this episode of the podcast.

Hello Degrassholes! We’re back with a doozy of an episode, covering Season 2 of Degrassi: The Next Generation, “Shout” parts 1 and 2 (hosted by our dear Stephan)! These episodes begin with Paige (Spirt Squad Captain!) ready to pursue her crush, Dean, the soccer superstar of Degrassi’s rival school, Bardell. But things take a turn when Dean reveals himself to be a complete monster who refuses to slow things down with Paige at a weekend house party. Any avid Degrassi fan knows that what follows makes these not the easiest of episodes to cover but we do our best. And despite the heavy subject matter at hand, we wouldn’t be the podcasters you know and love if we also didn’t discuss at length:

  • Which Degrassi character we would want to share a locker with in high school (shoutout to the godawful B plot of Part 1).
  • Our go-to selections at Blockbuster, which we’ve definitely brought up before and definitely will bring up again.
  • Ashley somehow making this all about her.
  • Speaking of people that make things all about them, we also rag on theater kids quite a bit, despite 3/5 of your hosts having been art majors in college.
  • Did Natasha somehow find a way to draw a likeness between Clare Edwards and Dean?
  • How did Grandma Michalchuk end up in jail? We have so many questions! Even though we completely invented the scenario up!
  • Also, RIP to Nina, who died of secondhand embarrassment while discussing the complete messes that were Terri and Liberty in Part 2 of Shout, may she never have to hear Hazel try to sing “Amazing Grace” again.

You know the drill! Get a drink (just not whatever concoction JT was creating in Part 1, unless you enjoy food poisoning), remember that Ellie’s opinion never matters, and get upset that unlike the Pro-Voice songwriting contest, we aren’t sponsored by Pantene (but we gladly would be)!


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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